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Electrical & Safety Equipments

Ship Chandler Skagen offer you all kinds of support for machinery and deck materials. Many materials that your ships need are ready and waiting for your orders. Thanks to our personnel who have worked on this subject for years at sea, Ship Chandler Skagen carry out supplies at the level of expertise. Currently, approximately 4500 kinds of products are waiting actively in our stocks.

Paints of many brands and varieties of these paints are offered to you with wide color options.

All kinds of hand tools, filters, sprays, warehouse cleaning products, cement, sand and any product you can think of are easily available when you contact us.

Apart from these, you can reach the spare parts of many international machine manufacturers by contacting us. Ship Chandler Skagen provide all kinds of convenience to make your supplies the easiest. In addition to these, Ship Chandler Skagen also provide you with technical support on many issues.

There are all kinds of domestic and foreign (non-European) products in our various product range, Ship Chandler Skagen can directly access many products that have become global brands around the world as of our location, and these products can be delivered to the ship without paying any extra customs fees.

In addition to many machines, generators and electronic materials, Ship Chandler Skagen can supply all kinds of chemical products and cleaning materials, in short, all kinds of materials that your ship needs.

Whenever you are searching for various pipes, globe valves, check valves and gate valves, please give us a description of your requirements and rest assured of our service

  • Hand and power tools (Bosch, Makita, Metabo)
  • Welding equipment and electrodes (Lincoln, Unitor, ESAB)
  • Navigation lamps,lights, cables, wiring accessories and other spare parts
  • Ship Paint Supply
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Bearings (SKF, FAG)
  • Rubber packings for hatch covers and ships doors
  • Hatch cover spare parts
  • Ship Chemical Supply
  • Ram-Nek and Gulf-Seal hatch cover tapes, Maritape medium duty rolls
  • NoSpray anti-splashing tapes
  • Polypropylene and wire ropes as well as anchor chains
  • Steel plates, bars and pipes